12cm低糖質ニューヨークチーズケーキ・Keto New York Cheesecake (12cm) | ケトライフ


12cm低糖質ニューヨークチーズケーキ・Keto New York Cheesecake (12cm)

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❤️クリスマス箱付き❤️冷凍のまま送ります。ケーキを動かないように送りますが、冷凍ベリーを落ちる可能性があります。ご了承ください、Comes with Christmas box! Just a heads up - I pack everything as safe as I can so that nothing moves, but during transportation, the frozen fruit might roll out their position. If they do just put them back in place once thawed.


1/4切れあたり For 1/4 of the cake
Fat 脂質:36.26g
Protein タンパク質:7.67g
Net Carbs 糖質:3.70g
Carbs 炭水化物:12.64g
Fiber 食物繊維:2.6g
Sugars 糖類:1.14g
Sugar Alcohol 糖アルコール:6.25g

Ingredients: almond flour, stevia powder, erythritol, heavy cream, cream cheese, coconut oil, mixed berries, eggs, keto chocolate chips (unsweetened cocoa, erythritol, inulin, vanilla, stevia powder, lecithin, sunflower lecithin)

★★★在庫について:1人で作っているため、限りがありますが、毎日在庫の数を提示させていただきます。ご了承ください。Since I make all of the baked goods by myself, there's a limit to how many I can make per day. I update the quantities every day!★★★



●食べ方 How to eat:解凍した後、そのまま召し上がれます。After defrosting, you can eat it as is!

Attention: Since I make these cakes and sweets by hand, not all products are guaranteed to look the same, have the same exact shape or be crack free.

●内容量 / Amount: :12cmホール

●破損、配送中の事故等 / Damage during transportation
Cookies, scones, and the likes are fragile baked goods that tend to break easily during transportation. I try my best to wrap them up so that they do not break, but please understand that some cracks or broken pieces could happen during transportation.

●賞味期限 Best By: 冷凍で1ヶ月。解凍後4日間以内お召し上がりください。
Good frozen for a month. After thawing, please eat it within 4 days.

●解凍方法 How to Thaw: 冷蔵庫で4〜5時間を解凍してください。常温で解凍する場合、約1〜2時間(室温による)。 Let it thaw in the fridge for 4-5 hours. If you let it thaw at room temperature, it'll take about 1-2 hours depending on how hot it is in your house.

●保存方法 How to store: 冷凍庫で保存してください。解凍後、必ず冷蔵庫で保存してください。 Store it in the freezer. After thawing it, always store it in the fridge.

●配送 Mail Transportation: 冷凍便にて発送いたします。通常、ご注文から2営業日程度で発送いたします。注文が混みあっている場合は、3〜4日かかる場合がございます。
I'll be sending it by frozen mail from Yamato. I should be sending all cakes within 2 business days, but during the busy seasons, it might take 3-4 days to send. When buying, you have the option to select a day and time you want it to arrive, so please do so if you wish to have a scheduled delivery. If you didn't select a time, I will send it to arrive in the morning the next day I send it.

※領収書が必要な方は、(1)宛名 (2)但し書き、を備考欄にご記入ください。 If you need a receipt, let me know the name and what it's for.

●製造者 Maker: ケトライフ・埼玉県さいたま市大宮区櫛引町1-589-1フジパレス 101
Keto Life, Saitama-ken, Saitama-shi, Omiya-ku, Kushibikicho 1-589-1, Fuji palace 101

●注意事項: この商品は乳・卵・小麦、落花生、そば、ナッツ類を含む食材と共通の設備で作られた原材料を使用しています。また、ナッツ類、乳製品、卵と共同の設備で製造しております。
Although all of the products I use are naturally gluten free, some products I purchase, like flours, seeds and nuts, may be packaged and produced in facilities that handle gluten.
In my bakery, I use nut flours, coconut, dairy products, peanuts, and eggs.

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